/ronda: fel/ : noun: a round hut of southern Africa usually made of clay and a thatched roof. Normally used as a store room or vacation cottage.

About Us

We are all about having meaningful relationships, sharing life experiences and growing together. These are the ingredients for happiness. But to have these things you need trust, friends and a little money all in the same pot. That’s why we built RONDAFEL - to help you organize better and trust that you can put your money where your heart is; with friends and family.

With RONDAFEL you will have more shared experiences because it’s easier to pool money for group plans. You will save and invest more because making money together feels awesome.

Our mission is to create a financial network made of many rondafel units. Each one interacting with retailers and markets with greater negotiating power.

Because together we are better; we are stronger.

RONDAFEL is connected money.


Clynton Kakai

Clynton started his career in Structured Finance valuations and product management. He has worked with financial auditors, regulators and technology teams to design and build analytical solutions for the computationally complex rates and credit derivatives trading businesses. Clynton co-founded Boma Wireless, an internet service provider in East Africa, and is on the advisory board of DreamAfrica, a multi-ethnic children's animations distribution platform. He also likes cycling, science fiction and a good run. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife.

Michael Wangia

Born Canadian and raised Kenyan, Michael moved to Philadelphia in 2006 to study Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania and later mastered in Information Systems at Drexel University. He is an accomplished developer with 7 years of experience and currently works with Dell Boomi. Michael founded and continues work on Speckles, a location based retail specials application.
In a previous life, Michael was a pro-DJ and played rugby every weekend. These days he enjoys soccer and Java.