Save money with friends

RONDAFEL helps you organize with a small group of your closest friends to save money for shared goals

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For some things, it is better to save money with close friends. People you want to grow and share life experiences with. With the Rondafel app you can organize a supportive group that makes it easy to reach such goals.

Plan a friends reunion

Over a 6 month period
Each person saves $25 weekly
Grow to $600, then go reunite!

Save to borrow for an emergency

Save $30 weekly with your group
Then if you need a quick loan
Borrow from the group!

Organize a joint investment

Save $200 monthly with 4 others
The group has $1000 monthly!
Invest in stocks together

Manage a club's funds

Allow gradual payments
Track membership and expenses
Lend to needy members

How It Works

1. Start a collection with a purpose and a target amount for each person

This is a new RONDAFEL financial entity, unique to your group, fully secure and FDIC insured.

2. Invite your friends to join the group

Add close friends from your contacts.

3. Each group member decides when and how to contribute

Link your checking account securely. Contributions can be flexible and automated. Withdraw anytime at no charge.

4. Bank on your group! Borrow, lend, track payments and stay engaged .

Everyone gets notifications of group activity like contributions, new joiners, withdrawals, loan requests and much more.

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Automated and flexible contributions.

Choose how you want to contribute. E.g. Every Monday, if my account is over $200, contribute $10.


Who just joined? Who just left? See if any withdrawals or contributions just happened. Transparency is important to us


Easy Voting widget lets anyone make requests and quick vote on group decisions.

Share Media & Chat

Stay in touch, share photos and docs, and have fun saving money.

We are serious about Security

Funds in your RONDAFEL account are securely deposited with our FDIC Insured partner banks. Rondafel is secured with with the latest and strongest SSL (Security Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption standards. Your personal and banking information is never stored on Rondafel Servers.